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Business Coaching

SaplingPeople have professional skills in enabling companies to optimise organisational growth & success through Business Coaching. As a result of our extensive experience in Business Coaching we can design and develop bespoke Leadership Development Programmes. This is based on best practice.

Our methodology is designed to accommodate both individual & group business requirements. In addition, we design & deliver all our Leadership Development Programmes to include the following universal coaching principles:

  • Insight into personal & business environment
  • A voluntary process
  • A non-judgmental environment
  • Relationship built on respect, ethics & trust
  • Time for reflection
  • Credible & knowledgeable coaches
  • Feedback in a non-prescriptive manner
  • Enable learning & development
  • Set measurable objectives
  • Direct the individual towards a desired outcome

Our programmes include:

Individual Executive Coaching

  • Develop manager performance & potential, in accordance with organisational goals & values
  • Apply state-of-the-art coaching frameworks & models
  • Work on expected & agreed business outcomes for the individual
  • Monitor & evaluate expected outcomes for the organisation

Team Coaching

  • Assess team strengths & weaknesses to develop a plan for change
  • Optimise complimentary skills of team members
  • Enhance collaboration of teams with an increase in motivation, effort & productivity

Leadership Development Programmes

  • Design, deliver & coordinate of Leadership Programmes cost effectively by applying coaching principles
  • Design programmes in collaboration with the organisation aimed at developing managerial & leadership capabilities
  • Our programmes can be designed to cater for all levels of management